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Menu for 2

on the grill with garlic, lemon zest, fresh greens, wakame and white tarama
Mix Salad$20.00
with lettuce, quinoa, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, unsalted white cheese, mint , citrus fruits dressing
Main Dishes (by choice)$20.00
Seafood linguine$20.00
mussels, shrimps, octapus, calamari
Fish on the Grill$20.00
Fresh Fruits$20.00
One Liter of Mineral Water$20.00
The bread, the appetizers, the salad, the dessert, the water are for two persons, main dishes are per person.
Traditional Tzatziki$20.00
Greek Salad$20.00
Main Dishes (by choice)$20.00
Lamb Fillet$20.00
potatoes pavé, grilled eggplant, asparagus and thyme demi glace
baked potatoes with paprika, chili paste and cherry tomatoes
Dessert: Orange Pie$20.00
One Liter of Mineral Water$20.00
The bread, the appetizers, the salad, the dessert and the water are for two persons. The main dishes are per person.
Tuna Tartare$20.00
with avocado, lime juice, chives, soy sauce and wakame
Mussels Steamed$20.00
with white wine, fresh onion and garlic bread
Lobster (400-500gr) with Linguini$20.00
One Liter of Mineral Water$20.00
Mixed Fresh Fruits with Honey$20.00
The bread, the tuna tartar, the mussels, the dessert and the water are for two persons, the lobster is per person.
*Prices include tax 13% and community tax 0.5% and may change without prior notice.

Main & Dessert Menu

per person always like a side of a dish
Tzatziki and Bread12.00€
Baked Feta 15.00€
cheese in pastry sheet with peppers, olives and tomatoes
with tomato, fresh basil, feta cheese and sliced olives
Mousaka Croquet18.00€
with tomato coulis, aromatic oil, eggplant, ground beef meat and baked potatoes
Stuffed Olives18.00€
with feta mousse, beer batter, balsamic glaze and arugula
Pea Velouté18.00€
with roasted zucchini, feta cream, pomegranate, pistachios and pea sprouts
Calamari on the Grill26.00€
garlic, lemon zest, fresh greens, wakame and white tarama
Tuna Tartare26.00€
with fresh greens, avocado, lime juice, chives and soy sauce
Greek Salad14.00€
tomato, cucumber, onions, olives, capers, feta cheese, oregano, peppers, olive oil
Spinach and Feta Salad16.00€
with pastry sheet, fresh onion, lemon vinegret and miso
Green Salad16.00€
with fresh mushrooms, green apple, parmesan and sun dried tomatoes
Mix Salad16.00€
with lettuce, quinoa, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, unsalted white cheese, mint, citrus dressing
cherry tomatoes, pickled cucumber, asparangus, basil, zucchini seeds, oregano, virgin olive oil and olive powder
Chicken Fillet28.00€
on the grill with mashed eggplant, asparagus, pistachios and mustard sauce
Ribeye Black Angus38.00€
baked potatoes with smoked paprika, chili paste and tomato confit
Lamb Fillet38.00€
with thyme demi glace, potatoes pavé, roasted eggplant and asparagus
Beef Fillets38.00€
with baby potatoes, tomato confit, lime sauce and shimeji mushrooms
Beef Fillet40.00€
with grilled potatoes, vegetables, truffle sauce and parmesan
with asparagus, sundried tomato sauce and garlic
with tuna, sundried tomatoes, fresh onions, asparagus, chili flakes, olive powder and sesame
with chicken, mushrooms and broccoli
with beef, pesto sauce, cherry tomato, arugula and feta cheese
Seafood Linguine32.00€
mussels, octopus, shrimps, calamari
shrimps, pesto and bouillabaisse
with safran, pecorino cream cheese, ecrasé pepper and tomato confit
Lobster (400-500gr)80.00€
with linguini
Kritharoto (Greek Rizotto)32.00€
with shimps
with Santorinian fava, caramelized onions with vinsanto
Mussels 26.00€
steamed with white wine and garlic bread
mussels, shrimps, feta cheese and tomato
Tuna Fillet35.00€
with chimichurri, fresh greens, broccoli and samphire
Fresh Fish on the Grill35.00€
with steamed vegetables 400-500gr
Chocolate Soufflé12.00€
with ice cream and chocolate syrup
Orange Pie12.00€
with ice cream
with ice cream
Mixed Fresh Fruits 12.00€
with honey
Mixed Ice Cream12.00€
vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, whipped cream and chocolate syrup
*Prices include tax 13% and community tax 0.5% and may change without prior notice.

Wine Menu

Kastro Assyrtico 0.75lt40.00€
house wine
Kastro Assyrtico 0.50lt30.00€
house wine
Kastro Malagouzia 0.75lt45.00€
house wine
Gavalas Santorini 0.75lt80.00€
Gavalas Katsano 0.75lt80.00€
Argyros Estate 0.75lt80.00€
Kastro 0.75lt40.00€
house wine
Kastro Cabernet 0.5lt30.00€
house wine
Kastro Syrah 0.75ml45.00€
house wine
Mercouri 0.75lt60.00€
Alpha Estate 0.75lt80.00€
Evangelo 0.75lt90.00€
Kastro 0.75lt40.00€
house wine
Kastro 0.5lt30.00€
house wine
Kastro Moschato 0.75ml45.00€
house wine
Amethystos Lazaridi 0.75lt60.00€
Moet 0.75lt140.00€
*Prices include tax 24% and community tax 0.5% and may change without prior notice.

Drinks & Beverages

Aperol Spritz14.00€
Coctail "Castro"14.00€
Mojito Strawberry16.00€
Martini Dry16.00€
Old Fashioned14.00€
Pina Colada14.00€
Espresso Martini16.00€
strawberry, lime, pineapple
strawberry, lime, pineapple
Virgin Mojito10.00€
Virgin Strawberry Mojito12.00€
Pina Colada12.00€
Local Wine Glass8.00€
White or Red
Sangria Glass10.00€
Prosecco Glass10.00€
Ouzo 50ml8.00€
Dimple, Chivas, Jack Daniels
Single Malt23.00€
Oban, Lagavulin, Glenfiddich, Macallan 12
Ciroc, Belvedere, Grey Goose, Titos
Hendrick's, Bombay, Tanqueray 10
Don Julio, Casamigos
Bacardi, Havana Club
Metaxa 12*18.00€
Alfa Greek Beer 0.33lt8.00€
Sol 0.33tl10.00€
Mixed Juice11.00€
Coca Cola5.50€
Fanta Lemon5.50€
Ice Tea 0.33lt5.50€
Mineral Water 1lt 3.50€
Sparkling Water 0.33lt4.50€
Sparkling Water 1lt9.00€
Ice Coffee5.50€
Ice Coffee Ice Cream9.50€
Greek Coffee Single3.50€
Greek Coffee Double5.00€
Espresso Single3.50€
Espresso Double5.00€
Cappuccino / Late5.50€
Freddo Espresso5.00€
Freddo Cappuccino6.00€
Irish Coffee10.00€
*Prices include tax 24% and community tax 0.5% and may change without prior notice.

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